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Amos E Steele Sr. and his wife Roxana Cranson Steele married in Lockport N.Y on May 1, 1834.
From there they emigrated to the state of Michigan and settled in 
Onodaga Township, Ingham County in August of 1836.  
The Steele family eventually moved to Mason around April 1844. 
Amos E Steele Sr and Roxana Steele had 7 children - 4 sons and 3 daughters
Mr & Mrs Amos Steele Sr two sons became Union Officers and both died during the Civil War. 
The family is buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, located in Mason, MI. 
Amos E Steele Sr
    Photo Credit Scott Shattuck
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Steele Family

Amos E Steele Sr  
Born: June 28, 1806 -Queensbury, NY      Died:  March 15, 1878 - Mason, MI             
Roxana Cranson Steele
Birth: Jan. 16, 1815 Lockport, Niagara County, NY  
Death: Feb. 23, 1881  (Buriel) Gorham Ontario County New York, USA
Steele Children 
Amos E Steele Jr   (1834-1863)      
Image result for bullets points  United States Civil War Soldiers Index Card / United States Civil War and Later Pension Index Card 
Civil War Union Army Officer -  October 31, 1962 Lieutenant in Company B, 7th MI Volunteer Infantry
and would gain rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  
Amos Steele Jr had died while he was in command during Pickett's Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 3, 1863.  
Amos Steele Jr was first buried on the battlefield as requested, but Mr. Amos Steele Sr,  
retrieved his body  and brought back to Mason Michigan not soon after the war.
  William A Steele (1841-1845)
       Henry V Steele  (1844-1864)     
Image result for bullets points United States Civil War Soldiers Index Card / United States Civil War and Later Pension Index Card,
Civil War Union Army Office - Captain of Company H in the 26th MI Infantry.  
Henry V Steele was one of 186 killed in the Battle of North Anna River.
  Mary Louise Steele VanVranken (1844-1905)  
  William A Steele (1847-1911)  
 Idelle M Steele / Arnold (1852-1940)  
Marie E Steele /Busenbark (1854-1936)    
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(Lieutenant Colonel. Amos Steele Jr )
The monument to the 7th Michigan Volunteers is south of Gettysburg
on the west side of Hancock Avenue near the Copse of Trees
(39.8118° N, 77.23619° W; Google map; Tour map: Hancock Avenue Part 3
Image result for bullets points LINK:  -->>  Map to the 7th MI Monument   
*** Be sure to select the "Street View" once on the map to view the battlefield in present day
Monument to the 7th Michigan Infantry at Gettysburg
About the monument to the 7th Michigan

No. 112. — Reports of Maj. Sylvanus W. Curtis, 7th Michigan Infantry.

The Copse of Trees was the focal point of Pickett’s Charge
on July 3rd, 1863, the last day of the Battle of Gettysburg.
  View from the south of the Copse of Trees on the Gettysburg battlefield


Map of The Battle of North Anna

American Civil War: Battle of North Anna 

Image result for bullets points LINK:   http://American Civil War: Battle of North Anna via
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Youtube video of The Battle of North Anna - click the links below
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