Mason Area Historical Society
Mason Area Historical Society

Rayner Family

John Rayner, Sr:
   Born: January 5, 1804 - Warwick Orange County New York 
        Died: May 18, 1879 Mason Ingham County MI 
   Spouse: Emily Meech Rayner:  
Born: 1817  Death:  1873
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John Sr & Emily Rayner Children: 
 ---  William H Rayner:  1836-1905  
       John Rayner Jr:  1839-1883
Aaron Jehiel Rayner:  1841-1919  
     Emma O Rayner:  1844-1927   
Charles B Rayner:  1849-1850  
Barney C Rayner:  1853-1883
   Charles J Rayner:  1856-1911  
The Rayner House   (currently a private residence - 2015)
 Built in 1840 by John Rayner for his family.
Mr.  John Rayners accumulated 320 acres of land.
His land provided the ice supply for early Mason
by ponds that were dug and located in what is
now "Rayner Park" -  The grounds also include a
blacksmith shop and an ice house.
It is noted that the Chief Okemos's twin sons played with eldest son William Rayner.