Mason Area Historical Society
Mason Area Historical Society

MI Paranormal Research Team

    We are a dedicated group of paranormal researchers who exemplify honesty, trust and dedication.   
We are located in Mid-Michigan south of Lansing.
Mason Historical Museum
Paranormal Investigation September 29, 2018
( Both photos were taken in the dark with flash on camera) 
Paranormal Invetigator Staci was stading in the hallway facing the entrance into the Pioneer room.
These two photos were the only ones that had a mist appear.
Audio Files:
/upload/files/1_whisper._corner(1).wav                   /upload/files/2_knock(1).wav     
/upload/files/3_It_was_you.wav                               /upload/files/4_I've_got_two.wav    
/upload/files/7_faint_no.wav                                   /upload/files/8_heard_voice.wav 
/upload/files/14_yes...Frank(1).wav                              /upload/files/15_name_cleaned_up.wav
   /upload/files/16_There's_7.wav                             /upload/files/16_There's_7.wav 
/upload/files/25_Hi.wav                                         /upload/files/26_That_is_important.wav 
  /upload/files/35_unknown_noise.wav                              /upload/files/36_maybe%2C_do_it_again.wav
/upload/files/38_who_took_it.wav                                     /upload/files/39_great_job.wav