Mason Area Historical Society
Mason Area Historical Society



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We are glad you are interested in the history of our Mason, Michigan community.
 The Mason Area Historical Society (MAHS) is a group of volunteers organized as a nonprofit and supported by membership dues, fundraisers, and donations.  Financial contributions are tax deductible.
P.O. Box 44, Mason, Michigan 48854
Museum Phone:  517-676-9837 (when open)
Email: or
Facebook page:  MasonMuseum
CURRENT MUSEUM PROCEDURES BASED ON STATE COVID-19 GUIDELINES: As of July 1, 2021, the state is no longer is limiting capacity indoors or outdoors. Also, masking mandates are lifted, although masking for those not immunized or vaccinated is still encouraged, especially at the Pink School.  SOCIAL DISTANCING BETWEEN GROUPS IS STILL ENCOURAGED IN THE MUSEUM.

Operating Year: January - December 2021

President: Doug Klein
Vice President: Mike Beard
Treasurer: Susan Kosier
Secretary: Cathy Pinkos
Committee Chairs
Displays: Carolyn Cooper
Docents: Mary Hagen
Finance/Fund Raising: Shirley Renwick
Garden/Home Tour Committee: Shirley Renwick
Maintenance: Randy Spottek
Newsletter: Doug Klein
Pioneer Room: Mike Beard
Webmaster: Katina Pine
Board Members
Board Member: Katina Pine
Board Member: Mary Hagen
Board Member: Marie Coughlin
Board Member: Annie Lambrecht
Board Member: Randy Spottek
Board Member: Shirley Renwick
Board Member: Sandra Perry
Board Member: Doug Klein
Board Member: Patricia Harvey
Board Member: Mike Beard
Board Member: Cathy Pinkos
Board Member: Carolyn Cooper
Board Member: Susan Kosier