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Mason Area Historical Society
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In 1904, Mason High School athletics made official their first organization (there were teams before, but nothing official).
The young ladies of the school would not be left out! They created their own organization. T
here were a mere 36 females in the whole school, and 19 of them joined the organization.  
Young Mason women have the ladies in this picture to thank for blazing the trail.
Top row (L to R): Grace Bellamy, Pearl Davidson, Hazel Lamb, Clara Mullenhagen (teacher), Effie Hawn, Nellie Fields, Ethel Andrews   Middle row (L to R): Vancha Marshall, Bertha Hall, Bernice Ball, Etta Rehle, Grace Walter, Cecile DeBolt, Dora Hall, Rose Jenkins, Eva McCurdy, Winifred Hall   Bottom row (L to R): Muriel Barker, Jean MacDonald, Adele Bayly 
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Early 1940s Wyeth Softball Team
Back row, left to right: Frank Tinkler, Red Underwood, Charles Middleton, Jack Hudson, Olin West, Leland Austin
Front row, left to right: Forest Hill, John Hamlin, Bill Donaldson, Waldo Ehnis, Leroy Saelens

This is hanging on the wall in our Wyeth display. There are also several albums of pictures of Wyeth's campus and the employees over the years. We are open on Saturdays from 1:00 - 3:00 pm so you can view these collections and more!


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Mike Beard‎ to Mason, Michigan Memories and History

Spent some time at the Mason Area Historical Society this afternoon. Ran across this picture featuring the students of the Pink School in 1924-25.   Back row, left to right: Russell Leonard, Paul Cheney, Harley McCabe, Hollis Bartlett, Curtis Bartlett, Frances Burgess, Gerald McCabe, Miss Ellison, Leone Smith.   Front row, left to right: Howard Leonard, Ethel Welch, Maxine Welch, Martha Hamilton, Unknown, Maxine Hiller, Palen Somerville.


Looking southeast over Mason, circa 1906
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Published by Mike Beard
It's hard to imagine now, but Mason once had a need for multiple hotels. In the time before automobiles and passenger trains, transportation over long distances was limited to horse powered travel. A trip from out of town often necessitated a stay in Mason overnight.

One of the options available to travelers was a 3-story odd shaped building that sat where many today would not expect such a place to exist...on "the point" where State Street and W Maple Sreet intersect.

Built in 1869, the Donnelly House (later known as McEwen Hotel and Hawley Hotel) served Mason for over 50 years before being razed in 1926 in favor of a service station.

Most residents of Mason in recent generations will remember this location as a service station, and in recent years, possibly due to it's odd lot dimensions (resulting in a lack of available parking), businesses have found it difficult to stay in business here.

Did you know there was a 3 story hotel here? If you didn't, it's possible your family and friends didn't either. Share to take them on this trip into Mason's past!
Published by Mike Beard
1915 Independence Day Parade - looking north on Jefferson from Ash.