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County Poor Farm Cemetery  / Ingham County Home Cemetery

(Okemos MI)  




The Ingham County Home Cemetery is located at 3860 Dobie Road, Okemos, Michigan.

(Located next to the Ingham County Medical Care Facility on the South side) 

This cemetery was used to bury residents of the Ingham County Poor Farm from the late

1800s until the early 1940s.  These people lived in the Poor Farm because they were unable to care for themselves.

Their tombstones are a reminder of their lives and the place that they called "home".


Dubois Cemetery

(Alaiedon Township, Mason MI)   



      Photo  Submitter of two photos - Allison Findlay

Located off of N. Every Road, Alaiedon Township, Mason, Michigan. 



There is a gate into the field that is to be unlocked at all times. 

Access by vehicle is difficult, if not impossible, due to easement lane not being maintained.


Dubois Notes on Grave Records - By Barbara L Young PDF





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Eden Cemetery

(Mason, Vevay Twp., Ingham County MI)  


Eden Cemetery sign

      Photo  By Mike Beard




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Fairview Cemetery

(Dansville, MI)  



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Dansville, Michigan Fairview Cemetery Antique Real Photo Postcard KRUXO RPPC


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Hawley Cemetery

(Vevay Twp., Mason, Ingham County)  


      Photo By: Terri Vance





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Leek Cemetery
(Alaiedon Township, Okemos, Ingham County)


Leek Cemetery sign

      Photo By: Terri Vance




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Maple Grove Cemetery  

      ( Mason Michigan)     




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All three photos Submitter: Sandra Moore





     ** Frances Litelia Sturtevant Adams

b. March 1854 Fillmore, Allegany County, NY   d. July 5 1930 Mason, Ingham County,MI


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Michigan County History  Ebook Link:  

Author:   Adams, Franc L., Mrs. comp

Title:  Pioneer history of Ingham County, compiled and arranged by Mrs. Franc L. Adams,
secretary of the Ingham County pioneer and historical society.
Users are free to cite and link to digital content without asking for permission. Where applicable, subject to copyright. Please go to for more information.

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North Aurelius Cemetery
(Aurelius Township, Mason, Ingham County)


North Aurelius Cemetery sign

      Photo By: Terri Vance


    Section 10, On Columbia Road near the intersection of Columbia and Elliott Roads.

              *  From The Pioneer History of Ingham County, published in 1923.  Compiled and arranged by Mrs. Franc L. Adams, Secretary of the Ingham County Pioneer and Historical Society:   "Of those who located and settled here in a very early day all were of a class that came to stay and stayed to build a home in the wilderness, and built it, to compel the forest to give way to cultured field, and compelled it, and here they lived their remaining days.  Of the 32 pioneers that came very early, 30 lie in the North Aurelius Cemetery, while one died in New York and one in Ohio."

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