Mason Area Historical Society
Mason Area Historical Society

Mason Historical Society

Mason Area Historical Society
The MAHS was formed out of the temporary Mason Bicentennial Commission and originally 
was founded on March 1, 1976 by Ordinance #94 of the City of Mason. 
The first organized MAHS meeting was held at the Mason City Hall on September 28, 1976. 
Mrs. Violet Hinkley provided the begining prayer.  
Mrs. Mia Belle Humphrey that presided the meeting until the slate of officers had been selected.
Mrs. Sandie Dika provided the restoration project for the Pink School
The newly formed group would make the Mason Home Tour their annual event to help fund expenses. 
Mrs. Berry (Shireen) Wentland presented MAHS with the oringial landscaping blueprintes for the 1849 Pink School that had been found in an attic. It had been owend by Mrs. Wentland's grandmother (Daisy Smith).
approx 35 attendees 
The group voted for the MAHS officers:
President/Chairman:  Helen Grainger  
Vice-Chairman: Lyman Freshour  
Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs Robert Carter
Three Main Goals:
1)  Establish a Museum to preserve and perpetuate the historical work of the Mason Bicentennial Commission.
2)  Establish a historical commission to provide for gifts and donations of historical material.
3) To provide for housing, Maintenance and operation of a city historical museum.