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Published by Mike Beard  April 11, 2018
Here is Mason's first high school, which opened in 1870 where the Jefferson Square Senior Housing complex is now. It stood until 1903 when it was torn down and replaced with the second high school, which burned in 1921. Over 300 students graduated from this school over a period of 30+ years. Almost as many now graduate from our high school each year.
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Published by Mike Beard
First is the High School that was built in 1904 but destroyed by fire in 1921. What is now known as "Jefferson Street Square" replaced it by 1923 and served thousands of students until 1981. It now serves as apartments for a different definition of "seniors" -- much to the delight of those who have fond memories and were glad to see it have a renewed purpose.
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Published by Mike Beard
Mason's second high school was opened in 1904.
The building served not only high school grades, but also primary school grades.
Here is a view of the then-new "high school room" shortly after opening in 1904.
The high school room was 51 feet long and 40 feet wide.
The room was well-lighted, as nearly the entire west wall was made up of windows.
All pupils faced east (toward Jefferson St). The walls were tinted blue, while the ceiling was of a pale pink.
The restored 1854 Pink School stands on park land on West Ash Street in Mason.  
The Pink School was moved to the West Ash location in 1976 from the northeast corner of College and Columbia (Google Map when the road commission requested land.  
It was then turned over to the Mason Area Historical Society.  
There are several stories explaining the school's pink color.  One story has it that insufficient red paint was donated, so some white paint was added, making the color pink.
 Because of its unusual color and notoriety, it was decided to keep it painted pink.  
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Published by Mike Beard
Pink School class of 1931-32. Back L to R: Eileen Smith, Ruth Hall (teacher), Elizabeth Van Duser, Ethel Welch; Middle row: Bruce Underhill, Dewayne Evans, Roy Alcini, Marilyn Davis, Arlene Welch, Eileen Boutwell, Phoebe Bartlett, Leo Fountain; Front row: Gerald Evans, Paul Boutwell, Leo Scrupski.
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