Mason Area Historical Society
Mason Area Historical Society

Guidelines for Docents

Enter by the Oak Street Door.
Get your name tag from the green file box.
Go to the foyer and make sure the Guest Book is open and pen is beside it.
Look for new exhibits in the foyer, Pioneer, Wyeth rooms along with the South hallway area.
Whenever visitors are in the library area, be sure a docent is on duty.  ** You will hear a bell ring when either entrance doors are opened and a buzzer that will notify you that someone is at the handicap door.waiting to come in - be sure the handicap door remains locked at all times. 
Check the library and become familiar with the resources.  This is a reference library with items to be checked out, including video tapes.  Copies can be made of printed material at $0.10 per copy.
Guide's Direction on the Front Desk
Have guest sign the guest book.
Explain the history of the museum building.  Point out the Rayners picture in the foyer along with the other displays.
Escort them to the Pioneer room.  Most display cases will indicate the items and donor information.  It is not necessary to talk all of the time.  If they have questions or information you can write this on a card and we will research it.  Be sure we have their name and phone number.  Place the card in Sandy Perry's mailbox in the DIrector's office. 
The South hallway has the American Legion case.  
The Wyeth room shows items that were given to us by Wyeth, Dart and Mason State Bank. 
There is a phone in the Director's office plus the answering machine and copier.  The phone in the entrance room off Oak St is also used for messages.  answer the phone by saying, "Mason Historical Musuem". 
The auditorium is used for group meetings - local events - such as concerts and weddings.  The auditorium may be rented out - You will need to pass the request information to Mary Hagen.