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Welcome to Mason Area Historical Society
100 block of East Ash St. late 1941
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Mason, Michigan - Ingham County  
Named after the first Governor of Michigan - Stevens T Mason
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            Mason Area Historical Society - Museum 
P.O. Box 44 
         (Physical Address) 200 East Oak Street   
   Mason, Michigan 48854
Location:  200 E. Oak Street with Museum Hours:  1:00-3:00 p.m. Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
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 Pink School
Location:  707 W. Ash Street  
The Pink School in Mason will be open for the last time this season on 
Saturday, October 1, 2016, from 1-3 p.m. 
 If you have never visited the Pink School, we welcome your visit!  
*** If you are unavailable during the Pink School regular visiting hours, you may call
Louise Face at 517-676-3072 to see if a special tour may be arranged.
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MAHS Scheduled General Meetings 
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Mason Area Historical Museum's Newest Publication: 
"Margaret the Mouse and the Pink Schoolhouse"
We are so pleased to announce that the MAHS children's book 
is now available - $10.00 each and be purchasesd at
Mason Hisotorical Museum ** Wares Pharmacy ** Bestsellers
** Maple Street Mall in Mason MI
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Courtesy Photo
Story created and written by Jean Bement with illustrations by Chris Campbell
Order your copy online below - $15.00 (includes shipping and handling)
All proceeds benefit operations for the Mason Area Historical Museum & Pink School  
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Member of the society’s Publications Committee have been gathering information on Mason during World War II —
transcribing veteran interviews, collecting stories and pictures from families, and putting them into a book.
Scheduled to be available this fall (perhaps by Veterans’ Day), this volume is one you will absolutely want to have for your own library.
There are so many interesting stories to tell —
chances are you’ll learn something about a relative,
neighbor or friend that is part of “The Greatest Generation.”
If you have a WWII story to share, it may not be too late — contact Shirley Renwick at 517-676-5314.
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Mason Area Historical Society News and Community Updates!!
What is over 160 years old and full of artifacts?  The Pink School!!
Located at 707 W Ash. St., Mason, MI  48854
Open first Saturday of every month  May - October 
from 1 p.m.. to 3 p.m. Saturday
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The Mason Area Historical Society (MAHS) is a group of volunteers organized
as a 501c3 nonprofit and supported by membership dues, fund-raisers and donations.  
All financial contributions are tax deductible.  MAHS now offers the option of payment via PayPal.
  Donations received are used in preserving and maintaining Mason's local area
history and the upkeep of the museum's infrastructure.
MAHS thanks you and appreciates your interest in our local history and
if you would like to help us  continue our mission and please click the button
below to Donate via PayPal 
Or if you would like to send a check donation
please make check payable to:  
Mason Area Historical Society,  PO BOX 44,  Mason MI  48854
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Mason MI Chamber of Commerce 2016 Events Calander 
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A compilation of Hartzog’s columns that appeared in the Ingham County News .
Full of vintage photos of Mason.
The book is $15.00 each and all proceeds benefit the society,
including the Museum and Pink School operations.
“HARTZOG’S HISTORY OF MASON”    $15.00 each   
You can purchase at the following locations:
Mason Historical Museum  ---  Bestsellers
 Maple Street Mall    --   Ware's Pharmacy
Pay via PayPal link    
Online Orders: Click on the PayPal "BuyNow" button to get your copy!!
  (Includes insurance and tracking) for an additional $7.
 Total price including shipping:  $22.00
Make your check payable to MAHS 
Please be sure to include your shipping address with your check.     
and mail to PO Box 44, Mason, MI 48854.
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We are always looking for friendly faces who want to work as docents,
taking on one or more 2-hour shifts a month at the Museum.
The Museum is open from 1-3pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
You’ll be paired with a partner who likes Mason history, too!
Please contact Mary Hagen at 676-5314 if you are interested in either of these volunteer opportunities. 
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